Draymond Green Calls Out Anthony Edwards for ‘Outlandish’ All-Star Efforts

Edwards Green

Draymond Green has called out Anthony Edwards for the approach he took to the games and events during All-Star weekend.

NBA fans already have issues with the All-Star Game not being taken seriously, and Edwards certainly didn’t help that cause.

He told the media, “It’s a break. I don’t think anyone wants to come here and compete”.

Ant’s laid-back attitude and approach to the whole weekend rubbed Green the wrong way

“For Anthony Edwards, who was in his first All-Star game that he was actually voted into… saying, ‘We don’t wanna be here, I don’t wanna play’,” Green said The Draymond Green Show. “A big deal on guys’ resumes is All-Star Game MVP. I don’t understand why a young Anthony Edwards wouldn’t want his name sketched in stone next to likes of those guys.

“So to play defense backwards, to shoot left-handed threes, I thought that was a little outlandish. I thought it was a little crazy and like I said a little disheartening, just because of who he is, who we all think he is going to be to this league. A part of being the face of the NBA is also being a steward of the game.”

Draymond went on to explain that there are certain responsibilities that star players in the NBA have, and if Edwards wants to part of that elite group, then he’d better change his attitude.

“A part of being a face in the NBA is also being a steward of the game. As the face of the NBA, you’re kind of in direct partnership with the NBA to continue to move this thing forward,” Green explained. “And maybe Anthony Edwards doesn’t want to be the face of the NBA. Because everybody don’t want that, and I get it.

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“If Anthony Edwards is who I think he is, somebody needs to be teaching him that.”

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