LeBron & AD Respond to Lakers’ Lack of Action at Trade Deadline

LeBron Davis

The Lakers made zero moves at the trade deadline and LeBron James and Anthony Davis were asked about their thoughts on the lack of action from LA’s front office.

After the team’s 114-106 loss to the Nuggets, LeBron was asked what the Lakers need to do in order to position themselves for a playoff run, being fully healthy of course.

To which LeBron replied, “I don’t know. We haven’t gotten to that point. So it’s hard for me to say.”

Despite some seemingly quite deliberate pressure from LeBron for Rob Pelinka to make some moves, Pelinka explained after the deadline that “the right offer wasn’t there”.

Many NBA insiders are tipping that the Lakers will now make a big splash during the offseason.

Davis was asked about his thoughts on the team’s lack of action, following his 32 points and nine rebounds against the Nuggets.

“That’s obviously for the front office to decide what’s best for the team, currently and future,” Davis told reporters. “My job’s to go out and there with whatever guys are on the team. I don’t really get too involved in 2027, 2028, 2029.”

AD went on explain that he feels rather relieved that the deadline is passed, so his teammates don’t hear their name constantly going through the rumor mill.

“My focus is on right now,” said Davis. “I’m just glad that it’s over. It can kinda be a little wacky around trade deadline time. Guys hear their name in rumors.

“We are who we are. We have who we have. This is gonna be our team, now. It’s behind us now. We gotta figure out how to get some more wins and move up in the standings.”

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LA currently sit in ninth in the West with a very inconsistent 27-26 record on the season.