Damian Lillard Addresses His Messy Divorce

Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard has opened up about his messy divorce from ex-wife Kay’La Lillard. Dame and Kay’La were college sweethearts and have three children together.

“As much as I love basketball, and I love my job, I don’t care about it more than I care about my kids,” Lillard told Yahoo Sports. “Of course you carry it with you.”

“People say, ‘When I hoop I ain’t thinking about nothing,’ but I’m not 21. I got three kids. I’m tight with my family and I’m going through a divorce.”

Lillard went on to describe the combination of getting divorced and leaving Portland as the hardest period of his life.

This certainly isn’t surprising, especially considering Kay’La requested sole custody of the couple’s three children.

In response to the divorce filing, she claimed Dame had “never been the sole parent responsible for the care of all three of our children, for any hours-long period of time without the help of nannies, assistants, and/or family members.”

“Father chose when and how much he saw the children while the children lived with me full-time in my home,” she continued. “When Father was in town and not traveling for basketball, publicity, endorsements, or his music endeavors, he would pop over to visit for anywhere between thirty minutes to an hour to play with the kids while I was there or while a nanny was present a few times a week.”

Lillard’s custody hearing was originally scheduled to take place on November 24, but he requested a postponement due to his NBA commitments.

A new date is yet to be publicly confirmed.

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