Steph Curry Reacts to Players’ Recent Flurry of High Scoring Games

Steph high scoring

There has been something in the water these past two recent NBA weeks it seems, as players are putting up the most wild scores.

The biggest being Luka Doncic’s 73-point game on Friday.

Warriors star Stephen Curry was asked about the recent individual scoring booms, like Joel Embiid’s 70-point night, Karl Anthony Towns’ 62-point game, and Devin Booker’s 62-point game.

“It’s probably a combination of guys being able to put the ball in the basket with Luka, Joel, KAT, Book; they’re perennial scorers; that’s what they do,” Curry explained. “The level of it and how, in a short time span, guys get hot and build confidence, floodgates open, and they’re obviously capable of doing that.”

The nine-time All-Star went on to explain how it’s difficult to be physical on the defensive end of the floor because of how the game is being officiated at the moment.

This plays into the hands of scorers like Doncic Embiid and KAT, as they are more protected.

Embiid has been copping plenty of flack for his flopping techniques, since the big man is being awarded far more free throws than the average NBA player most nights.

In Embiid’s 70-point game against the Spurs, he was awarded 23 free throws and shot 21 of those.

“It’s interesting how the game is refereed,” Curry said. “You’ve seen it a little tonight (when the Warriors were awarded 16 free throws to the Lakers’ 43). It’s hard to be as physical as you want with some pattern with how things are called, and guys are taking advantage of it. If you can obviously score in all three levels and get to the foul line, you’ll have a night.”

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While he thinks it’s great for individual players to have historic nights, Curry doesn’t necessarily agree with all the calls being made on the court.

“It’s great for the league in showing skill sets and the variety of how guys can score, but there’s some stuff to correct as well.”

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