Kevin Durant Roasts Brooklyn Nets In Savage Clap Back

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant always has something to say, and it’s usually quite entertaining.

The man has clearly reached the point of his career when he says whatever he wants, even if it’s not just on his burners, and all power to him.

While some people get mad about outspoken athletes, you could argue it’s far more enjoyable to hear players speak their minds than go into their shells or roll out the same old sports cliches.

Durant’s latest online antics came on Sunday night and stemmed from a Twitter poll asking whether he deserved a tribute video from the Brooklyn Nets next week.

Here’s what ensued:


Whether you’re a KD fan or not, you can’t deny that the man is pretty damn entertaining at times.

Of course, there are other times where he seems to be acting overly sensitive, and this is something fans often use to take direct jabs at him online.

The thing is, he usually has something funnier to come back with, so hecklers should approach this man with caution.

Durant and the Suns will now take on the Nets in Brooklyn on Wednesday.

It will be his first game back at his old home since demanding a trade and landing in Phoenix in the middle of last season.

You can see more of KD’s Twitter antics here.

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