Kevin Durant Addresses Trade Rumors at Phoenix

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Kevin Durant is tired of all the rumors about him being ‘frustrated’ and wanting a potential trade, so he’s addressed them head on.

“I don’t want to get traded,” Durant told FOX Sports after the Suns’ loss to the Clippers on Monday night. “I’m not frustrated because Brad was injured. I wasn’t frustrated because of the role players on the team. That s— really was ignorant to me, you know what I’m saying?

“It’s like, yeah, we lose a game – you think I’m supposed to be happy after we lose a game? You know what I’m saying? I’m not frustrated with the whole situation. I may be frustrated at the moment, at a bad play or a tough stretch. But nah, I enjoy the grind.”

Late last month, Durant took to Instagram to express issues with ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski’s reporting.

But, Woj wasn’t the only media personality talking about KD.

On ESPN’s Christmas morning show, Stephen A. Smith openly questioned Durant’s leadership ability.

Former NBA player Brandon Jennings also posted on X, “KD should leave SUNS,” and added “They cursed man. He doesn’t deserve this.”

“That whole few days was so trash to me because it was all speculation about what I may be thinking based off of body language; I’m not smiling enough,” Durant said. “…There wasn’t even no smoke there. That was just one game, man. Everyone needed something to write right before Christmas.”

The 13-time All-Star went on to explain how the rumors about him and constant, and it’s gotten to the point where no positive news about him is being reported.

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“Nobody wants to call me great,” said Durant, who, at age 35, is currently the fifth-leading scorer in the league and second in 3-point percentage. “They want to call me all these other words: Insecure, miserable, bad teammate. That’s what’s going to get [people] paid for the articles they write. They can’t write, ‘KD is such a student of the game’ or ‘He’s a great teammate’ or ‘He loves basketball.’ Nobody wants to hear that s— when it comes to me.”