Luka Doncic Blasts Reporter During Postgame Interview

MacMahon Luka Beef Dallas

Luka Doncic called out ESPN’s Tim MacMahon for his reporting of an in-game incident involving Luka and a fan that ended with the fan’s ejection.

MacMahon’s post on X went viral after he reported from American Airlines Center that “Luka Doncic asked security to eject this Suns fan, who was sitting two rows behind midcourt press row. The comment the fan made that drew Doncic’s wrath: “Luka, you’re tired! Get your ass on the treadmill!””

Doncic himself must have gotten wind of it, and specifically called out the reporter during his postgame, following Dallas’ 132-109 loss to Phoenix.

“I know, I saw you when you said about the fan, you know,” Doncic said. “That was not true at all. That was not the only thing he said, but I knew you would be the first one to point out something like that. I’m not going to say what he said, but I knew you would be the first one to put out something like that, so, I just saw it man, it’s funny, you seem to be the first one to out some bad stuff about me.

To which MacMahon responded with, “First of all, 99 percent of the stuff I’ve written about you has been good.”

Luka interrupted by saying, “I don’t know”.

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MacMahon continued, “I was sitting two rows behind us”.

Luka went on to ask, “Alright so that was the only time he said something?”

MacMahon said, “That was what you reacted to”.

Luka continued, “Yeah, ya’ll was hearing the whole first half right? Or you didn’t hear anything?”

MacMahon acknowledged that the fan was definitely hollering in the first half.

Reporters then enquired why Luka asked security for the fan to be ejected and he answered, “Because he was cursing me the whole first half too.”

MacMahon then asked Luka why he didn’t ask for the fan to be ejected in the first half.

Luka said, “Because I would never eject a fan, they pay for tickets, but I had enough, you know, it’s a little bit of frustration.”

Looks like a beef between MacMahon and Luka is well and truly brewing!

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