Josh Giddey Remains Under Review by the NBA: Report


Thunder guard Josh Giddey won’t be facing any criminal charges over an alleged improper relationship with an underage girl, but that doesn’t mean he is exempt of fines or suspension by the NBA, according to TMZ.

“Josh Giddey might be in the clear legally, but he is still under his employer’s microscope — the NBA’s review into claims he had an improper relationship with a minor remains ongoing, TMZ Sports has learned,” TMZ reports. 

“Sources tell us nothing has changed as far as the Association is concerned … despite Newport Beach PD recently closing its investigation without the 21-year-old Oklahoma City Thunder guard being charged.”

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said in December that the league “fall in behind any investigation and then go from there”.

A viral social media post that circulated in November, which contained photos and videos of Giddey with a minor first prompted the investigation.

But Newport Peach Police confirmed on Wednesday they found ‘no corroborating evidence’ to support the claims made against him.

Gloria Allred was the high-profile lawyer representing the minor and she has explained why she thinks Giddey was criminally cleared.

“It does not surprise me that law enforcement would close their investigation since our client is a minor and her parents have chosen not to speak to law enforcement to protect their privacy,” Allred told News Corp.

Ahead of Thunder’s game against the Jazz in Salt Lake City on Thursday, Giddey was asked if he can now shift his focus to basketball again now that the criminal investigation has been wrapped up, to which he answered, “I get that you have to ask that, but I have no comment regarding that situation.”

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The 21-year-old has been consistently booed by fans on the road since the allegations were made.

He is averaging 11.8 points, 6.1 rebounds and 4,6 assists on 45.5 percent shooting from the field, as OKC sit in second seed in the West.