Erik Spoelstra’s Ex-Wife Fires Back at Internet Trolls Over Contract Taunts

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After Erik Spoelstra signed a contract extension with Miami that made him the highest paid NBA coach ever, some internet trolls decided to attack his ex-wife, Nikki Sapp, about it.

Spoelstra’s new contract will be worth $120 million over eight years, meaning he’s about to get paid 77 percent more than the entire league.

Coach Spo split up with his wife split last November after seven years of marriage and because of his massive payday, NBA fans decided to take aim at Nikki ‘fumbling the bag’ and losing out on her ex’s payday.

Nikki took to her Instagram stories to call out the trolls, writing, “Lol. I’m going to address this comment NOT as it pertains to my personal life choices but as it relates to a general thought process that I believe a lot of people have and that a lot of people have harassed me with over the years.

“According to crass, ignorant, uninformed society at large, women can’t ‘win.’

“Women can’t be genuinely in love with someone successful. No, they’re pretending and they’re in it for the money. And if a woman chooses to not be with a successful partner, apparently she’s an idiot.

“And no, I won’t ignore it. IgNoRiNg iT (harassment) for years messed with my emotional health and people need to have a better understanding of how their words can affect other people. Not just me. But people. In general. Be nicer.”

The separation of the pair was a mutual decision, according to their statement from November, when they “made the difficult yet amicable decision to jointly file to but “remain fully committed to co-parenting our children and continuing to make them our shared priority.

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Spoelstra and Nikki have three children together – 5-year-old Santiago, 3-year-old Dante and 1-year-old Ruby.

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