The One Player the Warriors Won’t Trade For Pascal Siakam

Pascal Kuminga

Trade rumors surrounding Raptors forward Pascal Siakam to the Warriors have emerged, but there’s one player the franchise won’t trade which may create a roadblock in the deal.

NBA insider Chris Haynes last week reported that Golden State are a dark horse to land Siakam ahead of the trade deadline

“I do think ultimately, this will be the trade deadline where Pascal is eventually moved,” Haynes added. 

Explosive Warriors forward Jonathan Kuminga has been floated as the perfect centerpiece in a potential Siakam trade.

Clippers All-Star Paul George thinks the deal would be “a win for both sides”.

“Kuminga coming into his own,” George said on Podcast P with Paul George. “Toronto’s kind of in this rebuild, but ready to get better and win now mode right now. They just traded for RJ, Quickley. Those are young guards. They have Scottie Barnes there now then you add another young guy like Kuminga – that could be fun team for years to come.”

Players and NBA insiders alike are excited about the prospect, however the Warriors don’t want to part ways with Kuminga, according to Michael Grange of Sportsnet.

“…According to multiple sources, the Warriors are loathe to trade Kuminga, who is seen as a potential star who can help them win now and in the future, the rare piece on the roster who can help Golden State both support Steph Curry in the present and transition to a successful post-Curry future, should it ever come,” Grange wrote.

“And a not insignificant detail is that Kuminga is said to have a very close relationship with Warriors owner Joe Lacob who has historically been reluctant to part with any of the young talent that represents the Warriors’ so-called ‘two-timelines’ strategy of meshing a group of young draftees with their established championship core.”

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