Raptors’ Plans For NBA Trade Deadline Revealed

Raptors plans

The Raptors have been long-rumored to be trading Pascal Siakam and or OG Anunuby, who are set to be free agents next summer, and one NBA insider has shed lights on the team’s plans.

There has been significant trade interest in Siakam and Anunoby this season, yet it is unclear whether Toronto will do a deal to keep them or use them as trades pieces for the February 8 deadline.

The franchises’ plans for the deadline remain pretty darn secret, but the player at forefront is certain to be Scottie Barnes, Michael Grange of Sportsnet Canada explains.

“…the plan going forward is as simple — and complicated — as figuring everything else around Barnes,” Grange wrote.

“In that context, it’s safe to conclude — and the Raptors have indicated as much to league insiders I’ve spoken with — that there is no appetite for a reset, teardown or rebuild.”

So, what about the Raptors’ plans for Siakam and Anunoby?

“Things can change with a phone call, but the sense is that there is no momentum for any kind of decision regarding Siakam over the coming days, which increases the likelihood that the eight-year veteran doesn’t get moved at all, or it means that the pool of teams Siakam does get traded to is limited to those that Siakam would agree to sign with long term,” Grange said.

“As for Anunoby? He remains a player teams are interested in, both as a trade target and potential free agent. The Indiana Pacers have interest in Siakam and Anunoby, per league sources, as an example. Given Anunoby’s simple fit as an elite multi-positional defender who can play off the ball and space the floor, the list of quality teams that could find room for him in their starting lineup is long.”

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