Bam Adebayo’s Admission on Lakers’ Bubble Championship

Bubble Bam

Many people are dismissive of the Lakers’ 2020 bubble championship, but Heat enforcer Bam Adebayo has a totally different view.

The Heat center was asked what the bubble was like on Mike Miller’s The OGs podcast and while he was sitting next to his old team captain Udonis Haslem, Adebayo gave the Lakers their flowers.

“That was the hardest championship to win, in my opinion,” Adebayo said. “15-deep plus coaches, staff, whatever you need like training staff. Other than that, it’s you and your thoughts in one room, boxed in.”

Haslem chimed in by offering, “I ain’t talk to nobody.”

Adebayo continued, “Listen, it felt like you was gang-affiliated when you was in the bubble. Lakers got on purple and gold, we got on black, the Bucks got on their green, and nobody was walking by their self. So I’m his protege, so like, at this point, that’s my best friend in the bubble. We walking; we ain’t speaking to nobody. I’m talking about it was like we was walking around mad at everybody.”

2020 Championship winner with the Lakers, Dwight Howard, was stoked to hear Bam’s assessment of the 2019-20 season.

“Twin know what’s up 💯,” Dwight said in a post on X.

It was of course Miami that faced LA in the Finals that season.

Miami tore through the Eastern Conference, knocking off the Pacers, Bucks and Boston Celtics.

While the Lakers cruised through the Western Conference to down the Trail Blazers, Rockets and Nuggets to make it to the Finals series.

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Adebayo was in his early 20’s in the bubble year and had to face off with a crazy-in form Anthony Davis, who was averaging 25 points, 10.7 rebounds, 3.2 assists and two blocks during that Finals series.

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