Kevin Durant’s Frustration With Supporting Cast Building: Report

with Durant Booker

In a story seen at other organizations many times, Kevin Durant is beginning to become frustrated with his teammates, as he continues to play at an elite level but the Suns are only 14-14.

Phoenix made plenty of moves over the summer, including acquiring Bradley Beal to create a Big Three with Devin Booker and KD, but the trio have played in just one game together as Beal has been injured.

The situation is starting to give shades of Brooklyn, where the Big Three of KD, James Harden and Kyrie Irving played in just 16 games together before Harden wanted out and the others followed suit.

The Suns have had to rely on their depth since Beal has played in just six games all season, which is becoming a big problem, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski explains.

“You talk to people in Phoenix and around that organization, they can feel the frustration with Durant,” Wojnarowski said on NBA Countdown. “Part of that certainly is the missed games for Brad Beal. This team was built around those three stars, the underwhelming supporting cast that comes from those massive trades for Durant and Bradley Beal that really gutted the organization and left them having to sign a lot of minimum players to fill out the payroll…they lack the assets, the draft picks, the trade capital to really go out and improve this team. This is something they’re going to have to manage in Pheonix with Kevin Durant.

“It is a stark reminder of how short of a window and how this team has to win big, and has to win big quickly, based on how it was constructed and having Kevin Durant playing at an All-NBA level. “There’s a lot at stake for this organization, it’s got to change soon.”

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Even in the games that Beal has taken the court, he is averaging just 14.7 points, 3.3 rebounds and 3.2, while Phoenix are just 2-4 in those contests.

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