The Kawhi Leonard and Paul George Theory Is Coming True

Kawhi PG-13

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have had the worst run of injuries, but since they have been healthy, the Clippers are on a tear.

The All-Stars have played in the first 23 games of the season, which marks the longest stretch of consecutive games they’ve ever played together at LAC.

People have always said if Kawhi and George can stay healthy, the Clippers have genuine chance of winning it all, and that’s what is happening right now.

Since the addition of James Harden and the adjustments that followed, the Clippers have been virtually unstoppable and are in the midst of a nine-game win streak.

George and Leonard are averaging the most minutes they ever have as Clippers, having played at least 38 minutes in eight games each since the addition of Harden.

Harden’s passing skills have opened the door for PG and Kawhi to perfect their shooting and not have to take the offensive lead on every single play.

“So, that’s good for us in the long haul going down a stretch and he’s not playing 82 games [where] we’re getting beat up every single night,” Lue said. “And so that’s the great thing about having James.”

“For them, getting easier shots, open 3s. Before in the past, they had to take every shot. They had to create every shot.”

Kawhi tore the ACL in his right knee in the 2021 playoffs, which Leonard has always said would take him a good two years to get back to pre-injury form.

“I think people think when he’s sitting out, it’s like he just doesn’t give a f—,” Clippers assistant coach Jeremy Castleberry told ESPN. “And ‘I’m just sitting out to sit out because I can.’

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“That part is what’s funny, especially when you know what he’s been through and playing on.”

It looks as though we are seeing the resurgence of vintage Kawhi and with George by his side, their championship chances will only increase.

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