Adam Silver to Meet With Ja Morant Before His NBA Return


Ja Morant is on the cusp of making his return after a 25-game suspension, but not before he meets with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

Silver was asked about the Ja situation before the Lakers beat the Pacers at the NBA In-Season Tournament in Las Vegas.

“I have been monitoring the situation closely, and him,” Silver told reporters. “In fact we intend to have a check-in this week directly, Ja and I. But folks in the league office, together with Ja and his team and the Players Association, have been in regular contact, essentially weekly. There have been those checkpoints.

“We’ve, together, laid out a program for him over the last several weeks, and to the best of my knowledge, he’s complied with everything he’s asked to do. As I said, we’ll talk at least once this week before he comes back, and we will review the program and make sure the conditions are in place for him to be successful going forward.”

Morant was suspended for 25 games after he was seen in a video on social media wiedling a gun, the second time he was seen with a gun in a matters of weeks.

Silver came down hard on Ja, as he was caught with a gun in a strip club in Denver before that, and the league deemed his conduct detrimental.

There are four games left until Morant can join his Grizzlies teammates back on the court against the Pelicans on New Orleans on December 19.

But on top of Morant’s absence, Memphis have been decimated by injury and have had an embarrssing 6-15 start to the season.

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Will Ja be able to save the Grizzlies season before it’s too late?

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