Steph Curry ‘Sick of Talking’ About Warriors’ Woes

Steph Curry Warriors

The Warriors are not in a good way, despite Steph Curry putting up wild numbers they are still blowing double digit leads and he’s not happy about it.

Following another late-game brain explosion from the Dubs against OKC on Friday night, Curry struggled to find the words to describe the spot his team are in.

“I don’t know man,” Curry told reporters after the loss. “We got to figure out how to stop talking about it and do it or else [we’ll] be into the new year with the same problem. So whatever it is, if it’s within our control, we got to do it if we’re going to be any type of a serious team. And yeah, I’m kind of sick of talking about it too. So [we] just got to go do it.”

Steph scored 34 points in the 138-136 loss to Oklahoma, a game where Golden State were up by 14 points at one stage.

But they threw it all away by committing a season-high 28 turnovers, which led to OKC scoring 35 points.

Curry personally committed three of those TO’s, while the rest of the starters shared the other 16.

“They made their run especially at home with a lot of self-inflicted wounds,” Curry said. “I know we had a couple of turnovers in transition that you’re trying to push the pace and kind of get into a bind or just dumb passes. But 28 [turnovers]? Like I almost want to just go watch all of them just to see if there’s a pattern that revealed itself.”

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After speaking about switching the starting lineup earlier in the week, head coach Steve Kerr was surprising positive after another narrow loss.

“We’re good enough to win a championship,” Kerr said. “This team. I believe that. But if we are just going to turn it over and throw the ball to the other team and foul over and over, then we’re going to lose.

“We know the formula. We just controlled that whole game on the road against a great team,” Kerr added. “That’s our game. So, yeah turnovers and fouls [were the reasons we lost].”