NBA Investigating Josh Giddey’s Alleged Relationship With a Minor

Giddey Minor

The NBA is looking into allegations that Oklahoma City Thunder guard Josh Giddey had an improper relationship with a minor, after information came to light on social media.

“The NBA is looking into the allegations of Oklahoma City’s Josh Giddey having inappropriate relationship with a minor that have emerged via social media, league spokesman Mike Bass said,” NBA insider Shams Charania said on X.

Earlier this week, a Twitter account posted photos and videos of Giddey with a girl who social media users have found to be named Livv Cook.

According to the post, Cook was a sophomore in high school at the time and was 15 years of age.

According to Oklahoma Criminal Defense, the age of consent in the state is 16 years old.

At Thunder’s practice on Friday, Giddey was directly asked about the serious allegations and if he had anything to say about them.

“I understand the question obviously, but there’s no further comment right now,” Was Giddey’s response.

He was then asked about the matter again and said, “I get the question guys. I completely understand you guys wanna know about it. But just for right now, I don’t have anything to say.”

Thunder coach Mark Daigneault also declined to speak about the matter after Friday’s practice.

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“Personal matter, and I have no comment on it,” Daigneault told reporters. “And that’ll be my comment on anything related.”

Giddey’s teammate Chet Holmgren deleted an old post an X, where he lauded his and Giddey’s connection.

Saying, “Me n twin locked in fasho”.

He also unfollowed Giddey on Instagram, but seems to have re-followed him since.

Australian-born Giddey is in his third season in the NBA with OKC and in 15 games so far this season, he’s averaging 12.3 points on 43.5 percent shooting from the field, 5.7 rebounds and 4.5 assists.

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