What Steph Curry Said to Scott Foster After He Ejected Chris Paul

Paul Curry Foster

Chris Paul copped yet another L after being ejected by NBA referee Scott Paul during the Warriors’ 123-115 loss to the Suns in his first time back at Footprint Center.

After Wednesday’s game and the ensuing drama, Paul’s teammate Steph Curry explained what bothered him about the situation that unfolded between Paul and Foster.

He also explained what he said to Foster following the ejection.

“I mean, I think we were down double digits already,” Curry said postgame. “We obviously need [Chris Paul] and his leadership and the way he manages the game. I don’t like and appreciate … I know there is history and all that, I know he [Paul] talked about it, but when both the player and the ref engage in conversation, that has to kind of stay there. I told Scott [Foster] that after he ejected him.

“It’s like … there are certain situations where players overstep; that happens a lot. There’s times you kind of know you have to back off, but when both are engaging, I don’t like that. That’s the part that messed with me the most watching it. Just like two guys talking, speaking their truths. Let’s just play basketball.”

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Dubs head coach Steve Kerr was also not happy with Foster’s decision to eject CP3.

“Well, I didn’t think Chris deserved to be ejected,” Kerr told reporters. “The first tech, absolutely. But I thought the second one was unnecessary. I mean, everybody gets frustrated out there. But that’s up to the official.”

Golden State were already down a man due to Draymond Green’s suspension, and although the game was close in the end, the away side just didn’t have enough juice to beat a Suns team with an in-form Kevin Durant and Devin Booker.

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