Lou Williams Shares Hilarious Kobe Bryant Stories

Lou Williams

Lou Williams has shared from hilarious stories from his time playing for the Lakers alongside Kobe Bryant.

Speaking on Podcast P with Paul George, Lou Williams opened up about some funny Kobe tales, while also outlining the immense presence he had in the locker room.

“When I first got there it was kinda weird cause he wasn’t around,” Williams said. “I was playing with my peers and then he got healthy, and then everything changed. Like, the environment changed, I feel like the air changed, he just came in and it was like, ‘Alright, order in the court’.”

“… It was just the young guys. I was bulletproof, Brandon Bass was bulletproof, Metta World [Peace] was bulletproof. Nick Young was on the fence. Because, you know Nick poked the bear. I just remember him telling the young guys, ‘When I’m in the front office next year, I’m trading all you motherf******'”.

Lou Williams also told the story of not wanting players to wear his brand of shoes.

“We got back to LA that next day, and the equipment manager was just coming around with a big a** bucket just scooping Kobes outta everybody locker. Me and Nick like, ‘What you doing?’ He said, ‘Kobe think y’all n***** soft man. He don’t want y’al wearing his shoes’ .”

Kobe really was something else.

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