Skip Bayless Blasts LeBron For ‘Lifeless’ Effort Against Dillon Brooks

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NBA fans were treated to the height of entertainment this week when LeBron James faced off against Dillon Brooks.

Skip Bayless couldn’t help but weigh in on the matchup after the Rockets embarrassed LeBron and the Lakers by winning 128-94.

Bayless was back to doing what he loved most, which is criticising LeBron.

“I look at the rebound total, and you get crushed on the backboard, it’s 57 to 34… to Rachel’s point, you’re lifeless, you’re gutless looking to me, you don’t even care last night after Dillon Brooks again called out LeBron,” Bayless said on Undisputed. 

“I thought LeBron would say, ‘Okay, kid, watch this. I’m gonna shut your mouth again, I’m gonna come in here, and I’m gonna give you a triple-double. It wasn’t that LeBron played awful, it was just lifeless… nobody really cared about anything from the jump.”

James had 18 points, six rebounds and two assists in Thursday’s contest, while Brooks only had five points, four rebounds and one assist.

Bayless’ co-host Rachel Nichols was also quite critical of the Lakers, particularly their slow starts that have been hurting them in season 2023-24.

“No team has ever been worse in the 1st quarter in 75 plus years than the Lakers these first 8 games,” Nichols said. “You have to have more hustle.”

After their loss to the Houston, Los Angeles are now 0-3 on their four-game road trip.

They will get a chance to redeem themselves against the Suns in Phoenix on Friday.

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