LeBron Explains Why He’s Losing His Patience With the Refs


LeBron James has opened up on his issues with the referees of late.

James is especially frustrated with what he perceived to be a series of uncalled fouls committed against him during the Lakers’ 108-107 loss to the Miami Heat on Monday.

“What they’re telling me is not consistent with what’s actually happening on the floor,” James said after the game.

“When I went for the dunk attempt against Thomas Bryant, he clearly elbowed — like, arm straight across my face. And I asked him for the explanation — well, one of the refs said that he was straight up, hands straight in the air. Two of the refs said they were blocked and they didn’t see it.”

James’ frustration culminated in the Lakers sending the NBA a series of clips showing what they believed to be unjust no-calls committed against LeBron.

Lakers coach Darvin Ham has also weighed in on the matter.

“I see Bron shooting four free throws,” he said postgame. “And the amount of times he attacked the rim, the amount of times he was slapped on the arm, which I could see plain as day, for that not to be called, man … he’s not flopping. I’m watching him go to the hole strong.”

The Lakers are now 3-4 and 10th in the Western Conference. They will return to the court when they face the Rockets in Houston on Wednesday.

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