Draymond Green Takes Another Shot at Jordan Poole

Draymond Green

Draymond Green just can’t help himself, taking another shot at Jordan Poole on Wednesday.

“Last year we had an awful team as far as chemistry goes,” Green said. “It was hard to come to work. Not fun.”

“So this year you see the joy on guys’ faces when they come into the building. You got guys staying over two to three hours just talking. Getting two to three hours early just to be here. You start to see that, and you’re like, ‘OK, this is a group that likes to be together.'”

It’s hard to interpret this as anything other than a shot at Poole, considering he is the headline name missing from last year’s team.


Green, however, was completely glossing over the fact that last season’s chemistry was off in Golden State because Draymond himself punched Poole, his then-teammate, squarely in the face at practice.

And just to erase any doubt that we’re living in an unjust world, Green was offered a $100 million contract to stay in Golden State was Poole was shipped off to the perennially depressing Washington Wizards.

Meanwhile, Klay Thompson shared his own perspective when asked about last season’s chemistry.

“I think every year is great,” Thompson said. “You’re in the NBA and you get to put shots up and play defense for a living? I don’t even pay to much mind to that. I think obviously chemistry is great this year, but every time I put a Warriors uniform on I’m gloating.

“It’s just a dream come true, no matter how many years you play the NBA is a place where dreams are met. I think this year is great chemistry-wise, but last year was good as well. Every time you step into an NBA facility to get to work, I feel great. I don’t think too much about chemistry, I think winning solves all.”

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