Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Caught in Middle of Manhunt for ‘Crypto King’

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander experienced next-level buyer’s remorse after purchasing an $8.4 million lakefront mansion in Canada this spring.

According to an investigation by CBC, the NBA star claims he “received a threatening visit from a stranger demanding the whereabouts of Ontario’s self-proclaimed Crypto King Aiden Pleterski”.

Pleterski had been renting to own the Ontario home until his cryptocurrency and foreign exchange investment operation crashed and burned last year. Since then, investors have come looking for the man they entrusted with $40 million.

Gilgeous-Alexander, meanwhile, has asserted that he had no prior knowledge of Pleterski’s existence until the confrontation at his doorstep, according to the report.

His revelation about Pleterski’s association with the property only came to light after Gilgeous-Alexander’s girlfriend contacted the police and unearthed numerous earlier incident reports, including a threat to set the residence on fire.


The couple vacated the house immediately and Gilgeous-Alexander’s lawyers initiated legal proceedings aimed at nullifying the property sale.

Their argument centred around the assertion that the sellers engaged in deceptive practices by concealing a purported series of menacing visits to the property—some occurring on a daily basis—by individuals searching for Pleterski prior to Gilgeous-Alexander’s acquisition.

“The defendants knew that if the history of threatening visits to the property, and ongoing risk of same, was disclosed, then no reasonable person looking at properties of that type, quality, and price would purchase it,” reads the statement of claim.

The sellers’ attorney, in a written correspondence, conveyed their clients’ denial of any misrepresentation towards the purchaser. But they refrained from offering additional comments, citing their anticipation of a pending judgment in the case.

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