Dennis Rodman Weighs In on MJ and Scottie Pippen Beef


Things have been getting ugly between Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, but their former Bulls teammate Dennis Rodman thinks they can patch things up.

Since The Last Dance documentary was released in 2020, Pippen has been very scathing of Jordan in the media.

He wasn’t happy with how the story was all about MJ and didn’t properly acknowledge his teammates’ contributions.

In May of this year, Pippen said that MJ was a “horrible player. He was horrible to play with. It was all 1-on-1, shooting bad shots.”

He has also downplayed MJ’s flu game and made it very clear that LeBron James is his GOAT, not Jordan.

It probably also doesn’t help that Pippen’s ex-wife is dating MJ’s son, who is 16 years her junior.

Former Bulls enforcer Rodman explained that he didn’t see MJ and Scottie beef when they all played together in the 90s.

In fact, it was quite the opposite.

“No, I never saw that before,” Rodman told TMZ. “I never saw them fight. Even after the season, I never saw that. They were always hanging out together, playing golf together, traveling together.”

Despite the pair’s hard feelings, Rodman believes there is still room for reconciliation and peace-making.

“It’s just a lot of things that’s happened over the last couple of years,” Rodman said. “So, I think Scottie’s a little bitter, and Michael’s more laid back and say, ‘Okay, like whatever.’ But they’re gonna work it out.”

Will the two be able to bury the hatchet? Or the better question is, who will reach out first to do so?

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Jordan has a history of just leaving things as they are when he has a falling out with someone.

Charles Barkley knows this all too well.

The pair were besties until Barkley was too critical of MJ’s management of the Charlotte Bobcats.

The two haven’t spoken in years and since Barkley is just as stubborn as MJ, he refuses to apologise.