Larsa Pippen Breaks Silence On Dating MJ’s Son In Tell-All Interview

Larsa Pippen

Larsa Pippen has defended her decision to date Michael Jordan’s son Marcus in a tell-all interview.

Interviewer Tamron Hall didn’t waste much time before cutting to the chase.

“You can date anybody in the world, why date Michael Jordan’s son?” she asked.

Larsa went on to explain that dating Marcus was never part of her plan.

“I didn’t plan it like that,” she said. It wasn’t like it was planned like that, I think we were just together a lot with our friends and it just happened. You gotta remember, I feel like for me, being married to someone that was an athlete, it’s really hard. You get scrutinized a lot.

“People don’t think you should have a life once you get divorced. They think once you’re divorced, you’re done. I feel like I’ve overcome so many different obstacles because I feel like I should have love. I should be able to date who I want. I should be able to live happy and go wherever I want to go and not be judged every time I’m seen with someone.”

Larsa was also asked how she felt about the tension between her ex-husband Scottie Pippen and her new partner’s dad, Michael Jordan.

“I can’t basically explain how someone else feels,” Larsa said. “That’s how Scottie feels. He has a right to the way he feels. … I personally don’t really care about how other people … I feel like I live my truth. I’m happy. We [her and Marcus] get along. He’s my best friend.”

Larsa added that she had “recently been hanging out” with Jordan and his ex-wife, Juanita Vanoy, who is Marcus’ mother.

“I don’t really want to talk about them,” Larsa said about Marcus’ parents. “I feel like it’s not about my parents or his parents. They’re all happy. Our whole family is fine. I feel like it’s more about where I am, where [Marcus] is. I feel like we’re in a great place. We motivate each other. We’re really happy being together. And I feel like that’s the most important thing.”

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