Why Zion Williamson Staying Healthy Might Be Physically Impossible

Zion Williamson has been suffering constant injuries since high school and there’s a very good reason why.

A major factor in Williamson’s nightmare run of bad health is the structure of his body and the way he moves.

Zion suffers from Valgus knee, which is where the knee bends inwards. This makes running, jumping and landing much more dangerous than it would be otherwise.


This is a big reason why prominent sports doctor Brian Sutterer MD once said, “I don’t think I’ve ever been more worried about a basketball player getting injured when I watch them play than I am when I see Zion Williamson step on the court.”


While Williamson’s size is a legitimate concern that certainly exacerbates matters, it is at least possible for him to lose weight. But there’s no changing the actual structure of his body.

The Pelicans have still made efforts to alter the way Zion moves, beginning in 2019, the year they drafted him.

And yet, over his first four seasons, he has managed to play just 24, 61, 0 and 29 games respectively.

At this point, it might take a minor miracle for Zion to stay healthy long-term.