Patrick Beverley Calls Out Ben Simmons’ Trash Talking

Simmons Pat Bev

After Philly and Brooklyn’s preseason game, Patrick Beverley had a bone to pick with Ben Simmons about his trash talking methods.

During the game, Pat Bev got his second technical foul and was tossed out in the fourth quarter because he  didn’t like Simmons’ foul on rookie Filip Petrusev.

The new Sixers recruit has explained in more detail why things were getting so heated.

“First off, Ben Simmons is a hell of a talent,” Beverley said on The Pat Bev Podcast With Rone. “It’s good seeing him back out there. He looks strong. He impacted the game yesterday, so when it comes to basketball, I don’t have a problem with Ben Simmons, but when it comes to, like—he was chirping at one of my rookies. Like, c’mon. Filip with an F. You know what I’m saying? You chirping at that guy. You foul him hard as f*ck. I’m talking to you all game. You ain’t saying nothing. Tobias [Harris] cooking your ass, you really ain’t saying nothing…You got eight turnovers…talk to me. I’ve been talking to you all game anyway. Talk to me.”

Beverley certainly has a reputation for running his mouth on the court, but he is also a very loyal teammate.

Petrusev was happy Beverley had his back and told reporters after the game, “In that particular situation, he just stuck up for me like a real vet. I’m just thankful for him.”

After the game, many in the NBA world hailed that “Ben Simmons is back” after the Australian native finished the night with eight points, six rebounds, nine assists, three steals in 29 minutes and shot 50 percent from the field.

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But as Pat Bev pointed out, the three-time All-Star also had eight turnovers.

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