Draymond Green Explains Key to Warriors Winning Another Title


The Warriors will be looking to redeem themselves after an early playoff exit last season and Draymond Green believes the franchise has a genuine shot at it.

The four-time champion detailed how he thinks the Dubs can return to championship glory, but says every player will need to do one thing for that to happen.

“I think the key to making it happen is everyone buying in,” Green told said on Dubs Talk. “If everyone is bought in – which I have no doubt in my mind that everyone will be bought in, I think we have the pieces that we need, the understanding that we need, the knowledge that we need, the veteran leadership that it takes.

“I think we have all the pieces that it will take to win a championship – if everyone is bought in. I am someone that took everyone being bought in for granted. And so to understand it don’t always look like that, I think for me coming into this year, it just gives you a larger appreciation for those that do understand it.”

The chemistry issues on the court for the Warriors were palpable last season, which stemmed from a preseason scuffle between Green and Jordan Poole.

Poole was traded away in the offseason for veteran Chris Paul and the team signed other veterans like Rudy Gay and Cory Joseph.

The franchise also brought back 2022 champion and fan favorite, Gary Payton II.

It seems as though Golden State have looked to address the disconnect that happened between the older, more experienced players and the younger players wanting to prove their worth.

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Green thinks the new additions will benefit the team greatly.

“Number one, it’s a new team with new faces,” Green said. “You bring in new faces and new energy. But you got guys dedicated to winning. And in order to be committed to winning, you have to be committed to a team and what’s best for that team. Or else you won’t win. We’ve added guys who are committed to winning, who are committed to the team, and that works.”

No doubt Green is referencing CP3, who has affirmed his only goal with the Warriors is to win.

Draymond also said recently that his goal is to help Chris Paul win his first championship.

So it seems like those two are on the same page at least.

The point god appeared to fit in seamlessly with the Dubs’ small-ball lineup in their preseason game against the Lakers.

Could be a sign of good things to come in Golden State.