Steve Kerr Reacts To Chris Paul’s First Game With Warriors

Paul Kerr

Chris Paul played his first game in Warriors colours and gave Dubs fans a lot to look forward to.

In a preseason game against the Lakers at Chase Center, Paul recorded six points, five assists and four rebounds in 13 minutes of playing time.

Golden State head coach Steve Kerr liked what he saw.

“Chris [Paul] is amazing,” Kerr said in his postgame press conference. “He keeps the game so easy. He’s such a great passer. There’s a pace to the game that is fun to watch as a coach, where you just kind of know he’s just gonna be making the right play over and over.”

It’s likely Paul won’t take too long to adjust to his new team and their systems, as he seemed to jell seamlessly with the Warriors small-ball lineup that included Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

Kerr also praised Paul’s game management skills and is glad that he’s “finally” working with him and not against him.

“He understands when we need to pull it back and get into an action or play faster because he understands the rhythm of the game,” Kerr told reporters. “So, Chris is amazing. Really fun to have him on our side, finally.”

It may take NBA fans some time to get used to seeing CP3 in a Warriors jersey, but him and Steph looked as comfortable as ever.

At one point in the first half, young star Jonathan Kuminga accidentally passed to Steph on the sideline and Curry and Paul couldn’t stop laughing about it.

All jokes aside, Kuminga is looking forward to strengthening his relationship with now 19-season veteran Paul and another new addition Rudy Gay.

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“I’m trying to create that relationship that can stay forever and throughout my career, I want them to be there every single day helping me,” Kuminga said. “And so far, I’ve been having Rudy and CP talking to me, that I need to do this, this is what I need to do to get better, and I feel like it’s been working. They’ve been around this league for, CP for 19 years and Rudy, it’s his 18th year, so just gaining knowledge from those guys every single day is helping me.”

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