Patrick Beverley Addresses James Harden’s Arrival at Training Camp

James Harden

It is being reported that James Harden will be showing up for Sixers training camp after skipping media day and the first day of training camp and his new teammate Patrick Beverley is stoked about it.

“Happy, I mean like I said, I continue to say it’s hard to replace or get anything that symbolizes James Harden so hell yeah,” Beverley said, per Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “We catching a vibe here. You know, we opening him up with open arms. Obviously things that have to deal with the players and upper office is kind of out of our hands, but as far as teammates, hell yeah we can’t wait to see him.”

Harden could reunite with the team as soon as tomorrow, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

And as for his dream of being traded to the Clippers, that opportunity may have come and gone.

“James Harden has wanted that trade specifically to the Los Angeles Clippers, since he opted into that deal in late June, that $35 million that he’ll be paid this season,” Wojnarowski said on NBA Today.

“The Clippers have been on again off again talking with the Sixers for months about a James Harden trade. I’m told, they talked again recently, but there’s been no movement. The Sixers are asking for a lot to trade to James Harden. They want to get back enough, either a player that can help them now, or the assets more likely that they can use to go get that player. The Clippers are in a situation right now where they can wait for what happens in Philadelphia… they’re not necessarily motivated in LA to keep upping their offer or up their offer, especially when they know they made the best offer out there for James Harden and there’s really not another active aggressive suitor for Harden.”

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Interestingly, the Clippers didn’t make too many moves over the summer, meanwhile other franchises across the league made big splashes.

So if they don’t end up going ahead with a Harden trade, will they get left behind?

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