Austin Rivers Fires Back After Miles Bridges Calls Him Out

Rivers Bridges beef

There has been some beef between Austin Rivers and Miles Bridges after Rivers’ commentary on Hornets star LaMelo Ball.

Rivers appeared on The Bills Simmons podcast and a clip circulated on social media where Rivers took a jab at Charlotte for surrounding their star LaMelo with ‘troubled youth’.

He didn’t name any names Bridges is certainly in the troubled department, considering his recent history of domestic violence and more broadly has had issues with teammates, as well as fans in the past.

“Surround LaMelo around f*cking people that can help him tap into his potential, not deplete it, and I feel like that’s what we’re getting right now,” Rivers said. “‘Troubled youth’ is like what’s usually described…LaMelo hasn’t done anything wrong, but it’s like, what is the standard that’s being set there? The whole thing there, and it’s not LaMelo’s fault…When [the league] is this young, you put yourself at cost of this sh*t. But there’s still teams that do it right. I don’t see this problem in OKC—that team’s pretty young, too. That sh*t don’t fly there.”

Following Rivers comments, Bridges posted an Instagram story, which is sure to be aimed at Rivers.

“Y’all hoopers get on these podcast and talk like y’all really like that,” Bridges posted. “Speaking on other teams like y’all know what’s going on and most the people talking the most sh*t don’t play at all. We gone see about all that this year on me.”

Rivers saw the post on X and took to his on account to reply.

Nah this can’t be about me,” Rivers wrote. “I’ve gotten good minutes on every team I have played on, with exception of last year. Situation matters..and I stand by what I said about Melo..straight up! He needs pieces around him with high character. Stop worrying about me and go be one again”

Kyrie Irving even tuned in some for tea.

But let’s be real, Bridges isn’t the only ‘troubled youth’ on the Hornets team.

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Their number two overall draft pick provided a gun to a friend who then took the life of a young mother with it at Alabama last fall.

Plus, Kai Jones has seemed pretty unhinged on his Instagram lives lately and even said he could beat prime LeBron and Shaq one-on-one.

This is coming from a man who averaged 3.4 points, 2.7 rebounds and 0.3 last season.

So, maybe Rivers has a point?!