NBA Fans React to Kawhi Popping Up at College Football Game


The hype surrounding Saturday night’s showdown between College Football teams Colorado Buffaloes and the Colorado State Rams was so real that even Kawhi Leonard showed up.

CU head coach Deion Sanders sure knows how to draw some big names in, because along with Kawhi, Lil Wayne, The Rock, Gronk, Master P, Offset, Key Glock and Shannon Sharpe all showed up for the rocky mountains battle at Boulder.

Of course, Kawhi showing up anywhere in public is a big deal because he is pretty shy and traditionally keeps to himself.

A couple of weeks back, a fan was annoyed because he saw Kawhi out and asked for a pic, to which Kawhi said no. Tough L but the man is just like that.

Leonard is lucky to even show up to his own games for the Clippers, which many NBA fans on X hilariously pointed out after footage of him at the game circulated.



Kawhi doesn’t show up to college football games in LA or where one of his main mansions is located in San Diego, but apparently heading to Denver for a game is no big deal.

As for Leonard’s future with the Clippers, himself and Paul George both have player options for the 2024-25 season, but they reportedly want to stay with Ty Lue’s Clippers and try and win their first championship at the franchise.

“As far as I know, those guys want to be in Los Angeles,” ESPN‘s Brian Windhorst reported recently, while also suggesting the Clippers will have some kind of leverage in any future contract discussions because of that reason.

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Kawhi won a championship with the Raptors in 2019 and the Spurs in 2014, but 33-year-old PG-13 is yet to don a championship ring.