NBA Community Reacts to Kawhi Leonard’s Awkward Moment With a Fan

A social media post that shows Kawhi Leonard and a fan wanting to get a photo with him has the NBA community talking.

The page LeBronchitis on X, shared a post with pictures that read, “I saw Kawhi at the arcade today, he refused to take a photo with me. Gives me even more reason to hate him”


Let’s all remember that Kawhi is a shy and super awkward guy. It’s hard to get a smile out of him, so he probably hates pictures. Lol.

Plus, this X page could have just stolen these pictures and it may not even be them who have taken them.

X users have taken some strong stances on the post.

Some of them were absolutely hilarious.

Case and point:

Other people were more about sticking up for the Clippers star and argued the point that he doesn’t owe fans anything.

In good news for Clippers fans, head coach Ty Lue recently gave an update on the status of Kawhi and Paul George for the upcoming season, who were both injured in late 2022-23.

โ€œWe expect him to be ready by training camp,โ€ Lue said of Leonard on SiriusXM NBA Radio. โ€œHe will be 100 percent by the time training camp hits and we just gotta be ready for when training camp hits with our medical staff, we just make sure we are doing the right things as far as practices and games and making sure the minutes are right. The same thing with PG. When those two guys play, weโ€™re an amazing team.โ€

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