Austin Reaves’ Brother Slams His Haters After USA’s Loss

Haters Reaves

Austin Reaves has been one of the favorites at the FIBA Basketball World Cup, that was until he had a poor perfomance and all the haters came out of the woodwork.

In USA’s shock loss to Lithuania, Reaves didn’t perform to his usual standard and was limited to just seven points.

Many NBA fans have voiced their displeasure at Reaves being in the USA side at all and his brother, Spencer Reaves, acknowledged that in a tweet after the game.

Austin’s older brother posted on X saying, “People really had ‘Austin Reaves sucks’ tweets just waiting in the drafts for a bad game.”

Spencer is more than willing to defend his little brother to the social media haters but in a hilarious turn of events, he actually helped the opposition troll Austin.

Spencer used to play with Lithuania’s Vaidas Kariniauskas at Brose Bamberg and it would appear that Spencer asked his old teammate to try and rattle his brother.

“Nothing personal, just love for the game,” Kariniauskas said after the game. “I played with his brother last year, so I talked with him before the game, he said, ‘Give him a trash talk.’ So I gave him that.”

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Up until this point, there was no use for the haters to post anything negative about the Lakers guard.

In USA’s other four games, Reaves has averaged 10.8 points, 2.2 rebounds and three assists and has been able to bag points during key moments.

In their game against Greece, Reaves managed 15 points, five rebounds and six assists – coming off the bench.

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Reaves and the entire team USA have a chance to redeem themselves as they take on Italy in their next FIBA matchup.

The game will be played on Tuesday, 5th September at 10:40pm (local time). Head to the FIBA website to see what time the game airs in your country or territory.