Doctor Explains Cause of Bronny James’ Cardiac Arrest

Bronny James looks to be on the right track after suffering a cardiac arrest at USC during basketball practice and a doctor has shed light on the potential causes.

A James family spokesman said last week that the incident was probably due to a“functionally significant congenital heart defect.”

In Layman’s terms this is basically a broader term for a heart condition, UConn Health cardiologist Dr. Peter Schulman says, while explaining the different types of conditions.

“Some congenital defects are relatively easily fixable with a procedure or certain treatment, and they can be fixed easily. Others are not.” Dr, Schulman told The Post. “For example, if he has an aortic valve narrowing, that’s a congenital defect that can be fixed. That can be opened up with a balloon procedure.”

Another defect that falls under the same category is when arteries are supplying the heart with unoxygenated blood, rather than oxygenated.

“That causes a big problem and that can be fixed relatively easily,” Dr. Schulman said. “There are a number of conditions that a cardiologist can envision being relatively easily treatable, maybe with a procedure or with some quick surgery. Or with some quick medication adjustments.”

In good news for the 18-year-old, the spokesperson also revealed that Bronny’s condition “can and will be treated” and the camp is confident he will make a full recovery.

There was also mention LeBron’s eldest son will “return to basketball in the very near future.”

His basketball coach, Andy Enfield spoke to the media this week and shared that he’s been attending classes and progressing well.

“The good thing is he’s doing extremely well and he’s in class right now. And we all love him,” Enfield told AAP. “I think everybody is hopeful that Bronny will return to the court. We just have to be patient and take it step by step.

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“Our goal is to support Bronny in any way we can academically, athletically, and be patient with how things develop in his return.”

Bronny remained in hospital for three days after the incident.

He joins the alarmingly high statistics among black and male athletes that suffer cardiac issues every year.