Bronny James Seeking Further Treatment Following Cardiac Arrest

LeBron James and his son Bronny have been in Minnesota, likely looking for answers on why Bronny suffered a sudden cardiac arrest at basketball training late last month.

“The two touched down in Rochester at some point over the weekend,” TMZ reported. “… and they’ve been spotted in and around the Mayo Clinic there since — seemingly seeking further answers to why the 18-year-old suffered cardiac arrest back on July 24.

“Following one of their visits to the medical facility on Monday … the duo — plus some friends — got dinner at Terza Ristorante in downtown, though when they left, they were mobbed by a crush of fans.”

Bronny was taken straight to the ICU after the cardiac incident and was able to return home three days later.

The fact that he was able to seek proper medical care so quickly definitely helped with his speedy recovery.

The incoming USC freshman graduated from Sierra Canyon before committing to the USC basketball program and was a highly popular combo guard at the Californian High School.

He is currently ranked 20th in the 2023 ESPN 100 rankings but as for right now, his future basketball career remains unclear.

The USC Trojans are in Greece at the moment without Bronny as they prepare for exhibition games later this month.

They will also travel to Croatia, Athens, Mykonos and Dubrovnik in the ten day trip.

A 2020 study conducted by the British Journal of Sports Medicine found Black male NCAA Division I basketball players had the highest incidence rate of sudden cardiac arrest and death among athletes ages 11 to 29.

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That is a whopping 21 times higher than high school male athletes of all races.

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