LeBron’s Teammates Explain Their Favorite Thing About Playing With Him

LeBron has long been lauded as one of the best teammates in NBA history and there are plenty of current and former stars that agree.

One of the most recent accounts came from LeBron’s Lakers teammate Austin Reaves, who revealed his absolute favorite thing about the league’s all-time leading scorer.

“He acts like a damn kid,” Reaves said on a July episode of Showtime Basketball. “He acts like he’s 18. I never really see him in a bad mood. Always joking, laughing, having a good time and for someone that you put on a pedestal cause he’s done what he’s done for him to just be so personable. You could talk to him about anything, you can have good conversation with him, you can joke around like I said. The best thing about him is he comes to work every day happy.”

Another one of Bron’s current teammates D’Angelo Russell said that he is, “more involved with everybody, with everything. On the bus, he’s social, on the plane he’s social” when comparing him to the late Kobe Bryant.

Hall of Famer Ray Allen also played with James in his time and said in 2018 that LeBron is tied as his favorite teammate he ever played with.

“Toss-up between Sam Cassell and LeBron James,” Allen told The Athletic. “Sam was a guy you wanted to go to battle with. He wouldn’t quit on you and do whatever he could. He never wore bad body language. LeBron is a guy who you’ll have fun with, he’ll compete with you, but he is always one of the guys. He never made himself bigger than the next man.”

During last year’s playoffs, LeBron himself explained how he is able to get the best out of his teammates, while comparing his role on an NBA team to fathering his three kids.

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“You have to pay attention,” James said. “That’s all. You have to pay attention on a day-to-day basis and know every individual is different. So you have to try to figure out how you can get the most out of every individual, and it’s different ways. I think it comes from being a father, too. Having three kids, I understand that I gotta parent my kids differently to get the best out of them. Some of them I can yell at, some of them I gotta comfort, be more comforting. Some I need to pull away to the side. Some I can yell in front of the group and they’d be fine with that. So, I think that helps.”

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