Nuggets One Win Away From Championship: Nuggets vs. Heat Game 4 Finals Preview, Odds & Predictions

Nuggets Championship

The Nuggets are just one win away from an NBA Championship as they look to host the Heat for Game 5 of the NBA Finals. The game is expected to tip-off at 08:30 PM ET, Monday, June 12th, 2023.

Given that the Nuggets have been dominant in this series leading 3-1, it’s no surprise they are an 8.5 point favorite, with many expecting Denver to win their first championship in organization history.


The Nuggets find themselves one victory away from their first-ever NBA championship title, but they remain focused and grounded. Coach Michael Malone emphasizes that they haven’t achieved anything significant yet, despite their 3-1 series lead over the Heat.

Malone urges his players to ignore external distractions and stay committed to their identity, taking it one quarter at a time. The Nuggets’ Nikola Jokic has been exceptional throughout the playoffs, nearly averaging a triple-double.


Aaron Gordon’s strong performance in Game 5, along with his defensive efforts against Jimmy Butler, has been instrumental. However, the Heat have struggled to match the Nuggets’ offensive firepower, and their limited scoring has hindered their chances of success.

While the Heat face a must-win situation, they believe in their ability to turn the series around. Bam Adebayo has stepped up his game, but Tyler Herro’s absence and the Nuggets’ strong defense pose challenges. The focus remains on bringing the series back to Miami and capitalizing on the competitive spirit within their locker room.

Overall, the Nuggets remain cautious and determined, understanding that their ultimate goal is still within reach. The Heat, on the other hand, face an uphill battle as they attempt to overcome the Nuggets’ dominant performances.


The  Nuggets have been dominant in the Finals, covering the spread in every game they have won. With three out of four victories by a margin of 10 points or more, they clearly establish themselves as the superior team in this matchup.

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If the Nuggets manage to secure a substantial lead in the third or fourth quarter, the game may spiral out of control for the Heat, as they face waning motivation and the looming end of their season.

Miami struggles with the size advantage of the Nuggets, as Adebayo’s defensive efforts are overshadowed by Jokic’s 30-point average. The Heat lack another defender with sufficient size to impede Gordon’s impact.

Additionally, Jamal Murray has emerged as one of the league’s top point guards, forcing Jimmy Butler to expend significant energy trying to keep up, while Miami’s other guards struggle to contain him. Expect the Nuggets to cap off their remarkable season with an emphatic double-digit victory to seal the series.

Spread: Nuggets -8.5

Moneyline: Heat +285, Nuggets -355

Pick: Nuggets -8.5

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