Jimmy Butler Gives Brutally Honest Take on Potential Hall of Fame Induction

Jimmy Butler has made it very clear he doesn’t care for individual accolades, especially recently when he gave away his Eastern Conference MVP Finals trophy.

“With my dad. I gave it to him. I don’t need it,” was the answer Butler gave when asked where his ECG Trophy was in late May.

Butler is a team man through and through.

Everyone knows that, but his take about the Hall of Fame was still a bit shocking.

Given that Butler has achieved a fair amount in his career, a question about the HOF doesn’t seem out of place but Butler shut it down immediately.

“Honestly speaking, could care less,” Butler told Jared Greenberg on NBA TV. “If we’re being brutally honest, if I was selected to the Hall of Fame, I’m not going (to attend the ceremony).

“I just wanna go put my feet in the sand somewhere.

“It’s an individual thing. I’m not for the individual type stuff. I’m really not. I’m a team guy.”

Greenberg pressed Butler again after his initial answer and queried Butler on whether he might change his mind down the road but Jimmy doubled down on his previous statements.

“No. I don’t wanna go,” Butler exclaimed. “I’m not worried about the Hall of Fame. I promise you. It’s an honor, it is, but I could care less. … I mean that too, by the way.”

One thing Butler is yet to achieve in his storied career is winning a championship, so no doubt he won’t rest until he achieves that with his team.

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