Chris Paul and James Harden Swap ‘Quietly Circulated’ Since Draft Combine

The Suns trading veteran Chris Paul for 10-time All-Star James Harden is something that has been quietly circulated in league circles, Yahoo Sports’ Jake Fischer reports.

It was already reported in Mid May that Phoenix was on Harden’s radar so a Harden-Paul swap could be a feasible option, as Fischer discusses.

“And then there’s the idea of Phoenix exchanging Paul for James Harden, which has quietly circulated around some league personnel since the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago,” Fischer wrote. “A reunion between Harden and Kevin Durant makes for great fodder, and the bearded point guard could feasibly pick up his 2023-24 player option on the condition Philadelphia trades him to the Suns.

“You may remember Paul pulled that exact maneuver to join Harden in Houston in 2017. Harden, though, stands to gain quite a bit more financially from either staying pat with the 76ers or returning to the Rockets and their $60-plus million in waiting cap space.”

The 76ers are limited in their upgrade options over the summer as they try to build around regular season MVP Joel Embiid.

Other options include keeping Harden and him and Embiid trying to get out of the dreaded first-round of the postseason or trading away young assets like Tyrese Maxey or even Tobias Harris.

If Kevin Durant and James Harden did reunite, would there be any bad blood between the two left over from their Brooklyn days?

Only time will tell the fate of Paul and Harden but until then, the rumors will be relentless!

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