Draymond Green Blasts Celtics and Their Fans After Elimination

One NBA player that is celebrating particularly hard about Boston’s Game 7 loss is Warriors forward Draymond Green.

The Celtics did not stand up in big moments and their lacklustre performance wasn’t helped by Jayson Tatum rolling his ankle on the very first play of the game.

The NBA world were roasting Jaylen Brown hard after the game as he should have taken the reigns after Tatum’s injury but he could only muster 19 points and was a complete non-factor in the contest.

“The Boston Celtics are who we thought they were,” Green said on his podcast. “They got to the moment and they did not look like they were ready for the moment. All of a sudden, all the shots were short again. All of a sudden, they looked like they couldn’t play basketball with their left hand again. All of a sudden, they looked like exactly who we thought they were.

“So, let’s think about this. Like, if you think back through the series, every game that mattered … they actually lost. And, quite frankly, they won [Game 6] on like a garbage buzzer-beater at the last second. Giving Derrick White credit, like, he made the play. That’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes. But, like … they gave that game away.”

The C’s fan base yelled racial slurs at Draymond during the 2022 NBA Finals between Boston and Golden state so Green went on to explain he’s happy the franchise lost because of the fans.

He’s not necessarily happy the team and the players themselves lost.

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“Boston Celtics fans will make excuses and I ain’t hearing none of that because y’all are rude and I’m happy y’all lost. Not happy [Jayson Tatum] lost but Boston Celtics fans — especially those of you that are in that arena — I’m happy y’all lost.

“Because … like stop being who you are … Like, stop being the way y’all are … At some point, you just can’t be that way.”