Kyrie Irving Pleads With Fans to Stop the Trade Rumors

Kyrie Irving himself has fuelled trade rumors by showing up to two Lakers playoffs games at arena but he is now begging fans to stop.

“Stop mentioning me on Twitters,” Irving said on a livestream on Wednesday. “All your fan bases stop mentioning me right now, please. It is still the Western Conference the Eastern Conference Finals, or excuse me Denver’s gone to the Finals you know we’re still waiting for Boston in Miami. Can y’all please leave me the f*ck out of this? Please. Can I just be with my family in peace? Y’all got people at my dinner table discussing with my free agency plans are. Y’all think is funny sh*t but please stop that. I actually like having peace of mind when I met the crib, alright. I see all your @’s, all y’all s mentions. Okay? I said I see all your stuff y’all be saying…

“Please, all your fan bases, like stop mentioning me just for like the next month or two or three [until] whenever I make my decision.”

It is difficult, because Irving is one of the best free agents on the market this season, plus one of the most well-known players in the NBA to boot.

So of course, NBA fans and media personalities alike are going to speculate.

Now, onto the speculation!

If the salary cap is $134 million, Irving would be eligible to re-sign with the Mavs for a five-year, $272 million contract.

It’s hard to see any other team giving the veteran guard that amount of money and one NBA source said he already agreed to the max with the Mavs during his February trade.

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“I hear they had a handshake deal before the trade [with the Brooklyn Nets],” one source told B/R this week. “And Kyrie wouldn’t have said yes to anything less than the max.”

If Irving doesn’t like the chatter on social media maybe he should take a leaf out of Nikola Jokic’s book, who has deleted social media altogether.

The Nuggets big man said, “I think it’s a waste of time.”

Fans will be eagerly waiting to see if Irving stays in Dallas or jumps ship.