What Should the Grizzlies Do About Ja Morant?


The Grizzlies have suspended Ja Morant from all team activities after another gun video has emerged on social media over the weekend.

On Saturday, Morant’s friend Davonte Pack started on Instagram live and Morant was shown flashing a handgun while driving and singing to a rap song.

The video has since been deleted but the damage has already been done.

Memphis released a statement explaining they are aware of the incident and that it is pending league review, but didn’t provide further comment.

This comes just two months after Morant was suspended for eight games for a similar incident, which begs the question – should Memphis show him the door?

ESPN’s Stephen. A Smith was fuming after the latest incident and has questioned why these issues only started happening after the star guard signed a five-year $193 million dollar contract last summer, which can go up to $231 million.

“Second gun issue — why are you walking around with a gun in broad daylight?,” Smith said on First Take. “What kind of life are you living? Who are you hanging around? What are you subjecting yourself to that you got to worry about what the hell is going on with your life? These are legitimate questions to be asked.

“… He just doesn’t want to listen. I find it more than coincidental that the not listening part has kicked in after you got five years, potentially $231 million guaranteed. When you were looking for the bag, we didn’t hear about this. Once you got it, now we see it on video not once, but twice. Come on, y’all, come on.”

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ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski has also reported that there is a “very real possibility of a lengthy suspension to start next season.”

In March, Morant was suspended for eight games after flashing a gun in a strip club and the team sent him to counselling in Florida during his suspension.

He came back and said he was feeling “mentally (better) than I have in many years.”

This isn’t the only controversy Ja has been dealing with recently. He also was caught up in a legal battle after he allegedly attacked a 17-year-old boy.

Morant is definitely a star on the court and averaged 26.2 PPG in regular season but his bad behavior outside the court is marring his talent.

Memphis showed they were capable of winning games without their star guard. They went 11-10 without him in 2023, although he did help secure them the number two seed, but at what cost to the franchise’s reputation?

Damian Lillard is just one example of a guard who may be looking for a new team this offseason. Memphis should definitely do some shopping around this offseason and very carefully consider its options.