Kyrie Irving Calls Out Taylor Jenkins For His Criticism of Grizzlies


Kyrie Irving has called out Memphis coach Taylor Jenkins about his comments on his own team, who are down 3-1 in the first round playoffs series to the Lakers.

For those who missed it, before their loss to LA on Monday, Jenkins said that his team is down in the series partly because of their lack of maturity.

“We’re far from where we need to be from a maturity standpoint,” Jenkins told The Athletic. “This is all experience that you can only gain from. So, nothing’s gonna change overnight, but when we wear it, and we understand the struggles we’re going through individually, collectively, on, off the court and all that stuff, and we sit down and we honestly talk about it, and we face it, you’re hopefully gonna turn the corner for sure.”

Irving took to Twitter to respond with: “Speaking about your team like this during a series is Immature, But what do I know. Lol I am @ home relaxing with my family.”

It’s quite ironic coming from a man who has done some things people would deem as fairly immature in the past and NBA Twitter certainly recognized that.

Many fans responded to Irving’s comments by saying that they had to “double check” the Twitter profile to make sure it really was Kyrie saying that.

Undoubtedly, Jenkins comments are aimed at Dillon Brooks, who has made an absolute fool of himself amid beef he started with one of the games all-time greats, LeBron James.

Brooks trash talking LeBron by calling him “old” and claiming that he “doesn’t respect anyone” until they drop 40 points on him, as well as hitting James in the groin during Game 3 are just some of the examples that have most likely led Jenkins to make these comments publicly.

Brooks also declined to speak to the media after both LA games after being schooled on the court. As a coach watching all of that unfold must be extremely frustrating.

It will be interesting to see how Jenkins and his side respond to their 3-1 deficit in Wednesday’s April 26, Game 5 at 6:30 PM CDT.