Malik Beasley Pleads With Lakers Fans to Leave His Wife and Family Alone

Malik Beasley

Malik Beasley has pleaded with Lakers fans who have harassed his wife and family on social media.

Beasely has been shooting just 37.8 percent from the field since being traded to the Lakers, which is a lower mark than any season of his career.

“Its my son’s birthday and I am trying to enjoy that,” he said in the comments section of his latest Instagram post. “Obviously I want to be making shots myself. I am harder on myself than anybody. Laker nation it’s only a matter of time. I put in too much work not to.

“I promise when the time to turn up comes, it will come. Let’s just focus on making the playoffs. Positively is the only way forward from here. I love y’all and just show some respect to me and my family…….including @montanayo (his wife, Montana Yao).”

Beasley’s experience checks out with Patrick Beverley’s recent comments about many Lakers fans being highly abusive.

“I play a bad game with Chicago, I ain’t gotta look on Twitter and hear, ‘He’s a bum, get him outta here!’ Like I was hearing that s*** in L.A,” Beverley said on his podcast recently.

Beasely may have been struggling recently, but he’s a streaky shooter and has 13 games this season with five or more three-pointers. So he’s bound to have more scoring outbursts sooner or later.

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