Pat Beverley Throws Shade on LeBron and AD After Feeling Disrespected

Beverley Shade

Former Lakers guard Patrick Beverley has detailed just how frustrating his time in Los Angeles was on his latest podcast episode.

It’s not the first time he has made public some of the internal issues at LA and it probably won’t be the last.

Beverley felt as if he wasn’t listened to at the organization he was traded away from. Orlando was where he was sent and was then bought out by the Bulls, who are 8-5 since he joined the team.

“I play a bad game with Chicago, I ain’t gotta look on Twitter and hear ‘He’s a bum, get him outta here’” Beverley said. “Like I was hearing that sh*t in LA.”

It wasn’t just the negative comments by fans that got to Beverley, it was also the chain of command that was, in his opinion, holding the team back.

“Yeah we should do this on defense… ‘nah we cool, we cool… nah we gotta rotate’… Bron what you mean we gotta rotate, you ain’t even playing… They don’t listen to me…. You gotta go through the first year coach, the LeBron, the AD, the Russ, then it get to me. You don’t hear my sh*t the way you should hear my sh*t.”

The 34-year-old veteran is enjoying greener pastures in his hometown of Chicago as the Bulls currently occupy the final play-in spot in the East and his teammates seem grateful to have him around.

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