Patrick Beverley Says Issues With Lakers Weren’t About Basketball

Patrick Beverley

Former Laker Patrick Beverley says the issues his team had were not basketball related. According to Beverley, it was more about the overall mood that affected their form.

“It wasn’t basketball,” Beverley said on his podcast. “… It was other s**t. But other s**t that you really can’t like pin or point out. You know, comes and goes. You know, a little bit here, a little bit there.

Co-host Adam Ferrone asked Beverley if he thought that everything just didn’t click in the right way.

“The vibes were sometimes on, sometimes off,” Beverley continued. “Inconsistent vibes lead to inconsistent play.”

The comments follow Lakers insider Dave McMenamin citing a source who claimed trading Russell Westbrook was like ‘removing a vampire from the locker room’.

Beverley, meanwhile, was traded to the Orlando Magic and has since been waived.

LA are currently 13th in the Western Conference and have struggled to string together consistent wins.

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