‘People Disgust Me’: Draymond Green Blasts Fans For Making Up Andrew Wiggins Rumor

Andrew Wiggins

Draymond Green has defended teammate Andrew Wiggins by hitting back at the made up rumors regarding his absence.

Green made the comments on his latest podcast episode.

“No matter if what y’all saying is true or not, it has no bearing on my life,” Green said. “Nor does it have any bearing on y’all’s life. Y’all are so thirsty to know what’s going on in someone’s life that that becomes the thing? Sometimes people disgust me.

“You don’t know what someone’s dealing with, and then you make them deal with that? What if that’s not what the person’s dealing with? Stop it, it’s disgusting.”

Meanwhile, Warriors insider Marcus Thompson summed up the Wiggins situation perfectly:

“Everyone outside wants to know what’s going on with Wiggins,” he wrote. “Such a long absence without reason is rare. Every game missed intensifies curiosity. But it doesn’t increase our entitlement.

“His teammates, his coaches and his bosses understand what is happening and are honoring his wishes. For those outside the locker room, that has to be enough. ‘If we’re fine with it,” one player said, ‘and the people who pay him understand, then so should everyone else.’”

Here’s hoping Wiggins is OK and back on the court doing what he loves as soon as possible.

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