Kevin Garnett Reveals How Kobe Bryant’s Death Ended His Beef With Ray Allen

Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett has opened up on how the passing of Kobe Bryant helped him end his long-standing feud with Ray Allen.

Garnett told the story on Cold as Balls with Kevin Hart.

“What made the Ray situation so prolific with us is because the structure we built in Boston, the three of us built that,” he said. “If it was one team that we had an issue with, it was Miami.”

Garnett went on to acknowledge that Allen joining the Heat was a good decision for his career and admitted “I was too in my own feelings” to see that at the time.

This was when KG revealed the role Bryant’s passing played in ending his beef with his old teammate.

“The passing of Kobe and all of us getting older helped me understand that life is not given to none of us,” he said. “It would have f**ked with me if something were to happen to Ray and I didn’t get a chance to amend this.”

You can watch the full episode here.

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