Darvin Ham Provides Most Promising LeBron James Injury Update So Far

LeBron James

Three weeks after LeBron James suffered a right foot tendon injury, Lakers coach Darvin Ham has today offered the most positive update yet.

“We anticipate him coming back at some point (this season),” Ham said.

While James remains without a firm timetable to return, this update seems to imply that it’s possible James could be back in action before the end of the regular season as the Lakers have ten games remaining before the play-in.

LeBron has also been working out three times per day and Ham described the sessions as “intense” and said “they’re going well”.

“Everything is going according to plan,” Ham added.

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It’s also being reported that LeBron may have recently received the same PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy) that Kobe Bryant flew to Germany for late in his career.

The treatment is now available in the US, so James may not have even had to leave the country for it, but as his teammate Dennis Schroder hinted, it is working wonders.

In a recent Instagram story, James posted a photo of him receiving some kind of treatment, so it seems he really is doing everything he can to get back on the court as soon as possible.

The Lakers are 11th in the West with a 34-37 record, so their next slate of games will be of huge importance.